Babies and Dogs First New Year together

These photos are forever kept and remembered. The first celebration of the New Year, the baby and her best friend, the dog, is something that happens only once and it was a moment that must not be overlooked and forgotten. Such photographs provoke smiles and excitement for everyone. These photos are special, magical and amazing.

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Kitty And The City

It is possible to see that the cat, apparently calm, sitting on the edge of the terrace or the windows of skyscrapers. They look right, look down … they are not afraid. The lack of fear of heights in cats is a matter of evolution. Cats as well as other (wild) cats hunt in an ambush. And there’s no better place to attack from elevated places. Such as, for example, walls, tall trees … From there, they jump on the prey. That is why domestic cats love to climb somewhere high, even when they are in an apartment, and not hunting. In addition, like all predators, they have a strong strength to maintain balance. And thanks to the so-called reflex to stand up when they fall from greater heights, they always land on their feet. For this reason if they happens to fall from a height of ten meters, they can survive, because when they spread their legs, they make some kind of natural parachute.


The 31 Funniest Photos Of Cats Sitting In The Most Awkward Positions


Every cat is a story for itself, it is known even to people who do not have a cat for a pet. Cats are known for their unusual character, individuality and by the fact that we are always surprised by their behavior. Cats are cuddly, sweet and very often hilariously funny. These cute little fur balls very well know how to entertain and cheer anyone that is in their vicinity. When they get tired of the games they sit down to rest – some cats have the strange habit to sit in incredibly awkward positions!


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Unconditional Love of Pets

Have you ever wondered what it’s love, and when Is love real? Love is pure when you’re ready to love someone without any expectations. When you love someone who can not love you the same way. Such is the relationship between a person and his pet.

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The Sweetest Lions Hug


Sometimes, an ordinary hug can offer consolation and restore hope for a better tomorrow. A hug the most beautiful touch. As soon as we came into this world, mother’s warm hands are embracing us. And so begins… And already then we realized that, hug have more beautiful language of love. In only one hug, there are so many emotions – it can provide peace and security, support, show love, express tenderness, change the way we view ourselves and others… Hug heals loneliness, sadness, powerlessness… Sometimes just recall of the gentle hug, a gesture of love and deepest acceptance, forcing us to feel good and to feel it again, as if it had occurred just a few seconds ago.



All The Funny Reasons Why Squirrels Are Awesome

Squirrels have always been cute to people. You probably did not know that for squirrels is not enough one house to live. Often, these artists of climbing have two or three hideouts, moving from one to another. Each of them has at least two exits. No one can remain indifferent when in the park sees a squirrel busily run around. They are very curious and price all kinds of crazy things to satisfy their curiosity, which puts them in funny situations and makes them even more popular among people. Squirrels often get a pet place and with good reason!

We decided to present you a gallery of beautiful pictures of squirrels and on a fun way show to you how much the squirrels are awesome! Enjoy!

Squirrels have the best profile pictures:

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All The Reasons Why We Need To Have A Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures and everyone, who has a dog for a pet, very well know that! They are fun and useful in many different ways. They follow us through life and teach us many things. If anyone needs a little reminder of why dogs are so special creatures and why we need to have them in our lives, here are some reasons that will remind you of that.

Dogs can always make you smile and cheer:


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The Myth Of The Eagle Who Prolongs His Own Life

The myth of the eagle that circles the Internet was almost old as much as this powerful bird exist. This myth is passed down from generation to generation in order to symbolically explain the maturation of human. At that time people lived in much greater harmony with nature while growing up, life and death could then be explained by myths and legends.

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Real Life Of Street Dog

After a long wandering around the city streets in search of some food and love, street dog does not matter where it will lie down and sleep. Dogs who live on the street are simple and spontaneous. They are usually very sweet and cuddly, and it is enough to show them a little love and in their eyes will immediately see a lot of happiness . Some of them are lucky that in this way, win the heart of a stranger who will adopt them and give them a home, and they’ll return the friendship for a lifetime!


Baby And Cat Friends Forever

There is a story that pets love sincerely and unconditionally. Such same love, clean and intentioned, babies also gives to pets. When you compile these two love, just one thing remains – love and friend forever!