Party Animals Who Stayed Up Too Late Last Night

When you’re young you do not think much about the consequences, the most important is partying, good company and a lot of loud music. But the day after… it was a nightmare! Even if someone photographing you in this state… that asks for an explanation, or maybe not, the picture says it all! In this gallery we prepared images of animals who seem to have had a great party last night. You may be reminded of some your days after the crazy fun!

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Tired Puppies Sleep Wherever They Can

Puppies are small magical beings. Besides being irresistible, that little fur balls can amuse us, laugh and very much surprise us with its appearance. Puppies and babies need a lot of sleep to grow and develop properly. Puppies sleep on average 18 hours a day! Unlike babies, puppies can fall asleep anywhere. You will be amazed at the places where these puppies “fallen from fatigue” and postures in which their owners had found them.

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Huge Cats in Teeny-Tiny Boxes

It is well known that cats love the empty boxes. Why they are attracted so much by empty boxes , nobody knows, but cats prefer to examine what is in them, work out and jump on them and hide in them. Most turbulent kitten so you can calm down an ordinary empty box and she will be entertained for hours.

Cats just love boxes. It does not matter whether they are big or small, and even objects that resemble boxes such as drawers, kitchen sink or laundry baskets. Cats simply can not resist them. Why is this so? Boxes instinctively attracted to cats, because they provide security. Limited and hidden  space protect them from predators, and on the other hand, can spies prey while remaining unnoticed. The boxes are ideal for nap. Cats sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, and their boxes provide an ideal sense of security while they sleep.

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Animals That Look Like They Need A System Reset

It is known that animals imitate people very well, and these animals are doing that really well! On these really funny pictures, animals look like they are broken and they needed the RESET button to return to normal. We hope that these humorous images manage to entertain and brighten your day! Enjoy!

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19 Huge Dogs Who Think They’re Puppies

The dog is man’s best friend, it is well known and very true fact. They are cuddly and very loyal pets that guard and protect their family. Dogs often forget about its size, and you can often see a small dog who barks loud and acting like it is huge, and you can also see the huge dog who tries to climb up and sit wherever his mind! It is known that huge dogs often behave like puppies, eager for cuddling scratching, make various comic scenes. Owners rarely refuse to accept their pet in lap and to spend some time in pampering with them, even though their pet is really large! Here are photo galleries of huge dogs that actually forget that they are no longer puppies!

1. One hug for good night

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The Life Of An Unusual Pet

When Beat for her birthday received the plant from her boyfriend, she did not know that with the plant she got something else too.

The caterpillar was about an inch long. Since it is in the building in which she lives prohibited possession of dogs and cats, she decided to keep him and call him John.

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Animals Doing Yoga Poses

When we look at this enchanting gallery we understand that in the animal kingdom, the animals does yoga long before the invention of yoga mats and comforting music. It’s no surprise that many of the poses that make up parts of yoga named after an animal!

We do not know whether their movements and breathing properly balanced, but enjoyment and relaxation is certainly there! About how our pets are cute while doing yoga, judge for yourself, these photos will surely bring a smile on your face, and you might even be motivated to bring mat and start exercising!

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Crazy Facts About Animals

The animals surprise and entertain us every day with their behavior, which sometimes can be really intriguing. Although we seem to know everything about animals that surround us, they do not cease to surprise us. There are some very interesting facts about animals that are not generally known. In this post, we present some facts that certainly you did not know about these animals. Enjoy!

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Cats With Funny Goofy Eyes

Pets make our lives better, more beautiful and special. Every day with pets is a new adventure and a new party, and if we add a little imagination we will have great time and definitely a lot of laughs. Cats are known to not show their emotions, with a little creativity and good ideas we can help them to show emotions and be entertaining at the same time.

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Cats Hats As The New Fashion Accessory

Cats are known as cuddly pets who love to play, but most of all they love to slumber. Therefore, their owners found perfect way to combine beautiful and useful! Time for rest and a slumber of their pets have turned into an unusual entertainment. That is a completely new trend where owners putting their favorite pets on the head and make a photo of themselves.

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