Curious Dog


Viewing on the neighborhood!


Cats Love Napping

We love to cuddle and play with this nice adnimals and they enjoy it. But most of all cats love to nap, even scientists say they prefer to slumber rather than sleep. Cats love the feeling of heat, so it’s best to give your cute furry pet get a box or basket coated with warm cozy blanket to be able to enjoy their afternoon naps. But if it does not provide a nook in which they would rest and enjoy, do not worry, your cat will find itself comfortable place in which they would slumber and enjoy. Maybe it is just a place in your bed or under it … and maybe you will not know where their secret place for napping is, they will simply “lost” for a while, and appear rested, happy and ready to play and cuddling!


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Surprised Cat


While playing cats sometimes easy forget that maybe someone is watching them, and then they really be surprised!


Ladybug – Lady Among Bugs

Ladybug (Coccinelidae) is considered to be the bearer of happiness and prosperity. It is believed that this nice animal brings liberation from everyday problems, gives patience, and if land on the man while he is ill, it is a sign of imminent recovery. Ladybug that lands on your hand and then immediately fly off is sign that next week will be nice weather. Since ancient times, the ladybug as the bearer of joy and protector of children, so if ladybug lands on your child, you should not drive her away but let her alone fly away. Probably because of that the ladybug is one of few insects which children are not afraid. Besides the legends that accompany this beautiful insect, the ladybug for farmers is true happiness, because it feeds with plant bugs and reduce the use of insecticides. So, if you did not know, these little bugs began to be used for commercial purposes in greenhouses, and even be imported and exported.

Whatever, for commercial reasons or due to the legend of the happiness it brings, this cute bug as the name says is a real “lady” among insects. With its attractive colors and grace that she always has, attracts the attention and admiration.


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Mouse and Cheese

Mouse and cheese somehow does not go without each other. Cheese is not his only food, but it’s definitely his ‘first love’. In cartoons, movies, video games, and even in real life mouse and cheese always follow each other and somehow mouse always end up getting a piece of cheese. This small, valuable animal is always on the move and it looks like it was constantly hungry and constantly in searching for food. Some scientists argue that the mice actually do not like cheese, it’s a myth that they persistently followed, claiming that mice prefer foods with high sugar content and a stronger scent than it has cheese. Either way we can not forget all those cartoon scenes where the mice simply adore cheese. And on this beautiful animal photos seem to mouse simply enjoy it while nibbling on their favorite food – cheese!

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Dog and Cat Best Friends

Under warm blankets dreaming beautiful dreams…


Bird of Paradise

Portrait of a beautiful bird!

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Powerful Colors of Birds

Colorful birds attract attention and do not leave anyone indifferent. Its colors are simply breathtaking and admired. As if nature created them only to enter in our world color and happiness. Unaware of its beauty, these birds behave quite normally, and the images of these beautiful nice animals seem almost surreal. Simply beautiful. See for yourself and enjoy!

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Love Is In The Air

The lion is the king of beasts! So powerful and so proud of his walk in the pack and all obey him. On the other hand, is so gentle and so passionate. Like all cats eager pampering and attention. Does not hide his love and when love is in the air, no one is allowed to spoil his romance with his beloved. Because he is the king of beasts!


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Best Friends

Tiger baby and sharpei puppy